Solomon Admissions Consulting Knows the Importance of a Great College

August 18, 2018
It is apparent to everyone that Solomon Admissions Consulting (SAC) knows how to get prospective students into the college of their dreams. It’s clear from their reviews, which are almost universally excellent. Take the review posted by the parent of an MIT applicant, who said the SAC consultant his son dealt with was "very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the process." His son is now at MIT, in part because of the job he did on a computer science project that impressed MIT admissions officers and was envisioned and made possible by the Solomon consultant.

A major part of the experience of working with Solomon Admissions Consulting seems to come from their tendency to hire former college admissions counselors, which means they seem to know what students have to do to get into the right college, which can be the most important thing many students can do, but they also have experience with the process and they know what to do about it. After all, those students who hire a consultant to get into one of the top colleges in the country, like Harvard or Stanford school, are quite motivated, and they need the edge provided by Solomon Admissions Consulting.

How Solomon Admissions Consulting Makes The Process Easier

February 12, 2018
According to those who have used their services, the experience of working with Solomon Admissions Consulting comes with their ability to treat each student as an individual. It is perhaps their unique ability to make sure every aspect of the application process goes as well as can be expected that makes Solomon Admissions Consulting a special case. The reviews of the firm tend to be excellent. In one such case, a parent referred to the consultant his son dealt with as, "very professional, knowledgeable and completely accessible throughout the process." That parent also noted the help Solomon provided to their son, now a student at MIT, got him work on a computer science project, and that seems to have made a big difference to admissions officers.

Another Solomon Admissions Consulting review referenced a young man who was just a high school freshman when he started the application process to an elite school. His Solomon advisor directed him to apply to "the combined 8-year direct admit BA/MD programs straight out of high school," and then also followed up with advice on recommendation letters and course selection. The student was very successful in that attempt.